Chameleon Films

Director of Photography. Cinematographer. Director.


Chameleon Films is a Pittsburgh based Production company owned and operated by Christian Riblett. Christian has worked in the Pittsburgh market for over 25 years as a Director & Director of Photography, offering services from Film, Commercial, Corporate, Documentary, Industrial and Sports.

Chameleon Films offers a wide variety of services for clients:

  • Location Scouting
  • Production Services (Directing, Cinematography, Videography)
  • Post-Production (Graphics, Editing, Color-Grading)
  • Multiple Delivery Formats (Tape, Digital Transfer, FTP, etc)

Chameleon Films also offers a variety of Production platforms in Digital Capture:

  • Sony XDCAM (PDW-F800) Camera Package
  • Blackmagic 2.5k Cinema Camera Package
  • Canon EOS 5D Mark II & Canon EOS 7D Cinema Camera Packages